Complete Design-Build

Manning Development, Inc. offers design-build construction for all types of projects. With more than 35 years of commercial construction experience, our clients wholeheartedly trust us to nurture and develop their vision. Our talented team at Manning Development, Inc. is able to walk you through every step of your project from conception to completion. Each client is guided through a very detailed process during the initial concept phase.

Our first priority is to meet with you to review the preliminaries of your project ideas and goals. After the site review, we can then proceed to assess your budget and timeline. Our many years of experience at Manning Development, Inc. will then carefully map out all aspects of your project along with our design build team. We refer to our various expert architects; as well as our mechanical, electrical and plumbing team to ensure that your personally inspired project will be completed efficiently from start to finish.

Services We Offer

  • Pre Construction Coordination
  • Estimating
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Architectural Management
  • Facilitating Permits, Zoning, Erosion Control
  • Final Design Selections
  • All Phases of Construction